Name: Pam DeMar
Title:  Owner  
Diving Since: 2021

Born and raised in Boston, Pam grew up spending a lot of time in and around the ocean. One thing she never thought she would do would be to go scuba diving. After meeting her husband (Matt), she became curious and wanted to learn more about life underwater. She finally took the PADI open water course in 2021 and has been enjoying diving ever since. Her and her husband decided to open Descent Divers to share their passion with their community.

Name: Matt DeMar
Title:  Instructor
Diving Since: 2017

Born and raised in Central Mass Matt always had a passion for the water and exploring. After Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps, Matt stumbled upon an organization of Veterans that scuba dive. Feeling a need to fuel his passion of the open water, Matt signed up for a PADI Open Water Scuba Course and was instantly hooked. Matt went on to become a PADI Instructor and felt that he needed to share this passion with others! He and his wife (Pam) opened Descent Divers in June 2022.
“Being underwater is like my mindfulness and peace!! Nothing compares to scuba!!”